Adare Manor

Adare Manor came to us at a very pivotal moment. With plans to undertake a major refurbishment that would restore the Estate to its former glory, it needed a brand that would embody that same sense of luxury and devotion to detail. With so many facets to explore from the people to the place and the unique brand story that has evolved over the centuries, our role lay in distilling the true spirit of Adare Manor in a way that would inspire an international audience.
We partnered with the team at Adare Manor to develop their new brand positioning “Beyond Everything”. These two powerful words encompass the absolute essence of the revitalised Adare Manor brand. An incredible feeling that exists only within Adare Manor, “Beyond Everything” makes every moment that little bit more, igniting a desire and yearning for more.
Crucial to our process was the development of a refreshed brandmark. While the initials A and M weave together to create the very core, the roots of the logo are immersed in the Manor’s wonderfully rich history. Like the manor itself, its craftsmanship stems from its ancestry and is brimming with heritage. The architecture of Adare Manor has been brought to the fore and small flourishes celebrate the rich artistry outside of the physical structure.

Designed by Lorna Ryan McKeon, Gary Gleeson, Xat Houatchanthara, Glenn Bolton at Neworld Associates

Mary Helow — Project Manager
Anita Kerr — Brand Strategist
Pat Kinsley — Brand Strategist

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