CultureCraft REclaim / REpurpose Catalogues

CultureCraft REclaim / REpurpose was a contemporary craft project taking place in Derry/Londonderry. The project was split into two parts – an exhibition featuring international contemporary craft and applied art; and a community-based residency with American artist Boris Bally.

The two catalogues each documented a part of the project; the larger edition featuring essays, images and information on the artists involved in the initial exhibition, the smaller edition captured images and interviews from the community workshops. The use of colour, overprint and repetitive patterns borrowed from the work of artist Bally, but also progressed the CultureCraft identity from the original 2013 exhibition.

A small website was created to allow dialogue with the local community and showcase videos and images that worked better onscreen.

The body text for both catalogues is set in Deckard, a contemporary grotesque by Irish type designer Bobby Tannam.

Designed by Marcus Swan at MRCS1

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