Enoksen design and make watches that celebrate beauty in utility. This clear vision and the founder’s long-held appreciation for the craft of watchmaking was the driving force behind the new company.

Our human-centred approach to the design of the Enoksen customer experience was framed by regular cycles of building, testing and learning. Mapping the assumptions we held about our customer we built a picture of their needs and interests. Informed by this we explored and tested ideas for the brand name, visual identity, photography, packaging and e-commerce experience, with people that may become our customers. Every stage of the process was validated with low-risk prototyping and testing exercises, and in June 2018, Enoksen launched the first production run of (now highly collectable) Deep Dive E01/A watches.

Since launch Enoksen has secured funding, expanded the range to nine watches and is represented by the eminent menswear model Bernard Fouquet, tennis player Mikael Pernfors and granddaughter of the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Alexandra Cousteau. With design as a shared, core value our partnership with Enoksen continues to be an exciting and inspiring journey.

Designed by Damian Cranney, Stephen Shaw at Big Motive

Damian Cranney — Strategy Lead
Stephen Shaw — Experience Lead
Sarah Pannasch — Designer / Photographer
Jon-Paul Samuels — UX Engineer
Edward Manson — Interaction Designer

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