Grün Glas

Grün Glas is an Irish electronic artist currently based in Berlin. His experimental music is conceived through a largely improvised sound transformation process, rooted in the theme of listener manipulation. These unique electro-acoustic productions blend organic recorded material with sharper digital timbres.

I was commissioned to design the identity, website, cover artwork and subsequent promotions for all 2017 Grün Glas releases. The logotype and aesthetic to date, reflect the austere, organic and modified characteristics of the musical content. Visually, the contrast between hardline typography and natural form echo the tension created through implemented sound design and audio manipulation processes. The visual language for each release reiterates the core musical concept and specific tone of the recorded material, achieved through defining a balance between analogue imagery, digital post-processing and typographic treatment.

Designed by Eric Lynch at Eric Lynch Design

Shooresh Fezoni — Portrait Photography
Grün Glas — Music / Audio Production
David Mooney — Website Co-design / Development

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