IrelandsEye - Just Breathe Collection 2020

IrelandsEye Knitwear is a distinctly modern Irish brand, Dublin based and family-run for forty years.

IrelandsEye introduces a new theme each year to be presented at showcase. This year’s theme was ‘Just Breathe’. The Just Breathe Collection is an opportunity to re-discover the senses - to feel every grain and every texture and be completely tuned-in to the moment. It's a reminder to appreciate the beauty in small moments, like the wind in your hair or the lasting calm of a deep breath.

We layered open seaside photography with textural close-ups to mirror this concept. These close-ups paired with the use of a woven textured stock highlight the brand’s tactile nature and showcase the craftsmanship of the knitwear’s design. Light, open typography integrates with the imagery, allowing it to breathe.

Designed by Ailbhe Diskin, Lorna Ryan McKeon at Neworld Associates

Mary Helow — Project Manager
Louise Samuelsen — Photographer
Paula Hughes — Stylist

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