Mater Private Heart Centre (2011)

The Mater Private Heart Centre was established in 2011 as a dedicated centre of excellence within the Mater Private Hospital. The centre sought to bring together within a new environment all the expertise previously dispersed throughout the hospital – ensuring that all services were driven by access and patient focus.

We developed an identity which referenced the flow and chambers of the heart, and revamped the new area within the hospital to be a brighter and more contemporary space, including a new wayfinding system.

Core to the project was the engagement with the Heart Centre staff – nurses, technicians, consultants, radiographers & catering. A series of portraits were commissioned and featured within staff communications.

The identity was rolled out across, patient literature, forms & website.

Designed by Jason Delahunty, Paul Guinan at CodyDelahunty

Matthew Thompson — Photography
Jennings Design Studio — Interior Consultants

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