McGuire Glass

Peter McGuire is a glass artist whose work concentrates on using natural processes in order to create his work. Design Factory worked with Peter to generate content that was both personal and informative while visually keeping to his craft. His organic processes were reflected in the choice of the Gwyner typeface for the logo which is a humanist serif. This was then paired with Apercu, a sans serif to provide a strong typographic contrast and hierarchy. To provide an insight into Peters process, a video was produced highlighting the factors that go into creating a piece of glass art. As his work is reflective of the movement of glaciers and how they shape the landscape it was important to portray this in the video piece. This was achieved through the use of light reflected on his artwork which when the camera pans, glides across the glass surface mimicking the melting of ice. A website was also created for Peter to showcase his process and artworks. Care was taken to keep the mobile user in mind through the use of responsive design and a strong hierarchy of information.

Designed by Eulich McGeown, Sinéad Doyle at Design Factory

Eulich McGeown — Videographer
Ros Kavanagh — Photographer

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