NUI Maynooth – Points of Conversation – Undergraduate print materials

Our goal for NUI Maynooth is to create a culture of conversation, a space where new connections are made, new ideas are created and new knowledge is formed. Our aim was to talk with, not at students. The concept for year one of our undergraduate print work was ‘Points of Conversation’, year two, ‘Lines of Conversation’ and year three will be ‘Spaces of Conversation. For each phase we host a conversation day were we use physical, virtual and facilitated methods of conversation. The material gathered informs NUI Maynooth’s communication materials and is based on participants’s true experiences.

For year one, ‘Points of Conversation’ we set up fourteen tables each designed to allow for an open conversation over a cup of tea. Menus of conversation were created to encourage participants to speak openly about their own views on life, love and education.

All of the content captured to date has helped us punctuate the University documentation with true experiences but more importantly given us the platform to promote an ongoing culture of conversation for NUI Maynooth.

Designed by Bob Gray at Red&Grey

Included in Archive Selection 2012

Keith McGuinness — Designer
Boz Temple Morris — Art Director
Richard Gilligan — Photographer
Clondalkin Group — Printers

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