Profiles [2015]

Profiles is an independent, international online platform documenting inspiring people and projects from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. The focus of the website is to exhibit in-depth video interviews with creatives working in design and the arts, introducing audiences to design stories from Ireland and abroad. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach to creativity and design, Profiles invites individuals and groups to take part on the basis of their social or cultural impact and the uniqueness of their work.

ID2015 as the year of Irish Design set about to celebrate and promote design across a wide range of disciplines. The Profiles project was kindly supported by the initiative this year. The website's content is composed of short video interviews and blog posts. Each Profiles is researched individually and relevant questions are compiled on each interviewee with the intention of opening a honest dialogue on the working of their practice. Profiles is an ongoing project and had already engaged with notable interviewees such as DesignGoat industrial design studio, Conor & David design practice, Kate Strain Art Curator to name a few.

As the Profiles project is primarily about dialogue, the identity needed to reflect that. The logo is a typographical mark called a pilcrow, also known as a paragraph mark or paragraph sign. The pilcrow had been used previously to mark a new train of thought before the use of a paragraph.

Designed by George Beattie

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