RED C Research Website (2015)

RED C is a market research organisation whose work is rooted in sound statistical science, behavioural observation and listening to the consumer.

After working on a rebrand with them back in 2013, we were commissioned to redesign their website. They required a responsive design that was more content driven, as opposed to brochure style, to reflect the number of polls, articles and commentary that they generate on a frequent basis. The site also had to clearly outline their growing product range and techniques.

We created a site that is clean, yet colourful, using the colour palette from their identity. The home page design in particular, had to be accessible and appeal to the high volume of visitors to the site when polls are newly published. The suite of icons originally illustrated by Fuschia MacAree are a key feature of the site, some of which are animated to give further dynamism to the content and messaging.

Designed by Paula McEntee at Red Dog

Included in Archive Selection 2015

Fuschia MacAree — Illustrator

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