Sherry Fitzgerald — Online

Sherry FitzGerald are one of the biggest fully diversified property advisory firms in Ireland. We partnered with them to reimagine their online experience, with the aim to bring better communications and surety between their clients and the company.

Our approach helped put the user at the centre of everything, no easy task in large and diversified company with varying business goals and metrics. Making the online experience clear, navigable and easy to access complex information with a minimum of fuss.

A modular, component-based design system was put in place that allowed quick and iterative designs instead of page-by-page templates. Every detail was considered with all iconography and UI elements specially crafted to achieve a modern and clean style that works across different browsers and devices.

Designed by Kai Brossi at Isobar Ireland

Anthony O’Rourke — Creative Direction
Daniel Coss, Rory Nolan — Motion Design
Donal Duffy, Rachel Owens, Niki Meredith — Delivery
Grigore Sevciuc, Darragh Kenny, Muhammad Huzaifa Bin Shakir, Jaunma Garcia, Aoife Shannon — Development

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