Designed by Eric Lynch at Eric Lynch Design

Exhibition Curation: Peachy Dublin

Print & Production: Or Studio

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster

This poster was commissioned by Peachy Dublin as part of their exhibition ‘Freedom’, which took place on 18 May 2018. The poster was produced as an edition of fifty-one risograph prints. Edition ‘00’ was hung for the exhibition, while prints 01–50 were on sale. The proceeds were donated to the Together for Yes campaign, which supported Repealing the 8th.

The exhibition took place only one week before the abortion rights referendum in Ireland, which had a significant impact on the brief—neutrally visualising Irish culture in the wake of a yes vote.

The poster illustrates the 8th amendment fading away. This was achieved by composing a bespoke figure eight—with a chink in the stroke—symbolising a prominent yes vote. The figure eight was also treated with a series of halftone screens, suggesting the typographic character was in the process of evaporating.

The main message of the poster is the word ‘Deliverance’, meaning salvation, liberation, or the action of being rescued, or set free. The typographic treatment of the message illustrates contrasting opinions, emphasising the word ‘Live’—an encouragement for an audience of divergent perspectives—to live together in harmony, respecting the outcome of a yes vote.