Skills for a Changing World


Designed by Ciara Mitchell at Zago

Creative Director: Nereo Zago

Designer: Gerre Mae Barcebal

Strategist & Project Management: Clare Watson Bartolomei

Strategist & Project Management: Manuel Toscano

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate / Education

Zago designed the brand identity and strategy for Skills for a Changing World, a partnership and movement launched by the Brookings Institution and the LEGO Foundation to ensure that quality learning develops a breadth of skills needed by all in today’s world. Our work focused on two goals: develop a brand and messaging strategy to facilitate a global dialogue about skills and learning that was more productive than in the past and create a visual identity that brings together multiple stakeholders and augments, but does not overshadow their individual identities.

We explored ways to use written and visual language to foster inclusion and collaboration. Shapes, colors, and the technique of layering are used to articulate the cumulative and recombinant nature of the types of skills for which the movement advocates

The variation and flexibility of design elements that describes the skills also enables us to extend the design system to other stakeholders and partners working on this effort. Combinations of shapes and colors can be used as a coding system assigning visual identification to stakeholder groups that shows them as part of this big picture project.