100 Archive Website Update


Working closely with the 100 Archive steering committee, we rebuilt and redesigned the site to be more easy and pleasurable to use for all parties. It was also an opportunity to reassert the archive’s position as the most effective and comprehensive illustration of Irish graphic design practice.

The resulting design finds its focus in the work itself, using generous white (or black) space to highlight and showcase. We developed a completely custom search for the site which allows much more easy navigation to specific people or projects. We also more actively foregrounded the excellent articles section, which is a more organic route into the content.

The site is an ongoing process and it is our hope to broaden the group of participants in its ongoing growth and development.

Designed by David Wall, Damien Gahan, Conor Nolan at WorkGroup

100 Archive steering committee — Direction
100 Archive Identity — Paul McBride (Detail.)

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