For almost seventy years the National Association of Norwegian Architects has provided the architectural profession with an arena for debate, critical thinking and industry news with its periodical Arkitektnytt. We redesigned Arkitektnytt’s brand identity, as well as the layout of the periodical in both physical and digital format.

Arkitektnytt is a seasoned journal of in-depth writing—the redesign builds on its heritage and substantiates its professional standing, while making it stand apart in the modern market. By transitioning from glossy magazine to an identity-bearing newspaper format, it gave the new publication an air of pride and craft. It all comes together with the help of Åge Peterson’s illustrations, which are made to fit the changing colour scheme for each issue. The illustrations, along with the varying colours schemes, introduces a playful aspect to the otherwise strict layout.

Designed by Evan McGuinness at Bielke+Yang

Included in Archive Selection 2017

Christian Bielke — Designer
Martin Yang — Designer
Åge Peterson — Illustration
Mikkel Cappelen Smith — Designer
Erland Banggren — Designer
Web development — Værsågod
Mathias Fossum — Studio photography

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