Bombay Pantry rebrand (2012)

Bombay Pantry; a chain of Dublin takeaways and a growing retail brand can justifiably boast of being the best producer of Indian food in Ireland. Our task was to create a brand of international quality that would be on a par with the product itself.

Using quirky brand stories as our starting point, we expressed the Bombay Pantry essence in words, images, packaging and store experience. Photographer Collin Hughes brought a warm, lifestyle aesthetic to the job and we complemented his images with a design style that is contemporary while being characterful and craft-inspired.

Designed by Stephen Kiernan, Paola Beas at Atomic

Included in Archive Selection 2012

Collin Hughes — Photography
Natacha Diaz — Finished Art
Corina Egan — Copywriter
Paul Arthurs — Art Director
Stephen Quinn — Creative Director

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