Charlie Le Mindu – Haute Coiffure

Charlie Le Mindu’s medium is hair and his ascent has been rapid, with catwalk shows and celebrities clamouring to wear his wigs, most famously Lady Gaga. His creations – painstakingly handcrafted using cutting-edge techniques – are often controversial; but at the heart of his work remains a genuine punk attitude, a wicked sense of humour, and a love of strong women. Le Mindu has a ferocious, independent imagination, untethered by trends and convention, and this, when combined with exquisite skill, precision and dexterity makes for a true artist.

Haute Coiffure celebrates Le Mindu’s work, in all its bold, tactile glory, with a single 16-page section printed using fluorescent Aniva inks.

The limited edition of Haute Coiffure is presented in a custom black box with hinged lid and ribbon, opening to reveal a contrasting neon interior. Inside, under the book, rests an exclusive limited edition black bobbed wig designed by Charlie Le Mindu, with a hidden pocket housing a branded condom – a nod to the drag clubs where Le Mindu worked during his formative years.

Designed by Conor Nolan, Julieanne McMahon, David Wall at WorkGroup

Graphicom — Printer
Anders Christian Madsen — Introduction
Magnus Dekker — Illustration
Rankin — Photographer
Nick Knight — Photographer
Vassilis Karidis — Photographer
Emma Gibney — Photographer
Olivier Simola — Photographer
Merton Perlaki — Photographer
Fe Pinheiro — Photographer
Frederick Lieberath — Photographer
Indira Cesarine — Photographer
Alice Rosati — Photographer
Saga Sig — Photographer
Olivier Ouadah — Photographer
Olivier Simola — Photographer
Meinle Klein — Photographer
Jules Couartou — Photographer
Jérôme Lobato — Photographer
Stefan Schwartzman — Photographer
Alice Rosati — Photographer
César Segarra — Photographer
Greg Bailey — Photographer
José Morraja — Photographer
Victor Malecot — Photographer
Tim Walker — Photographer
Ciel Liu Bei — Photographer
Louis Banks — Photographer
Brian Mills — Photographer
Alice Rosati — Photographer
Raffaele Cariou — Photographer
Holger Talinski — Photographer
Valério Mezzanotti — Photographer
Alex Noble — Photographer
Holger Talinski — Photographer
David Hugonot Petit — Photographer
Inès Dieleman — Photographer
Emma Dash — Photographer
Mark Davies — Photographer
Philippe Jarrigeon — Photographer
Ellen von Unwerth — Photographer

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