Christy Moore, Live at Barrowland

In our conversations with Christy he expressed a desire to produce a cover for the DVD that conveyed the industrial nature of Glasgow’s east end. In the words of Christy, he wanted ‘a no nonsense rough and ready cover’. The studio decided to pursue the concept of a DVD package produced from industrial greyboard. The aesthetic of this material alone conveys the fundamental ideas Christy wanted to express. However, the material is far from the standard type of material associated with DVD case production. Working with a 2mm greyboard presented design complications in terms of the cases functionality. We worked closely with Pozzolispa printers in Italy to develop a DVD cover made entirely from greyboard. We experimented with different types of spines for the DVD as well as using different inks that would give the board some lift in order to achieve a strong contrast between the material and the typographic design.

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