Cormac Begley, Debut Album

Cormac wanted to make a splash in the traditional music world with his debut concertina album. This ambition carried through to his design brief for a special edition CD cover. Cormac keeps things natural on the album, only using one instrument per track with no layering or backing, yet produces a rich and true sound. This is something we tried to reflect in the design.

Concertinas are beautiful and intriguing instruments. The album cover reveals the inner workings of a rare 100 year old Wheatstone / Jeffries hybrid which was one of many recorded on the album. Look for the missing button and reeds throughout the layers, the C/B notes. A subtle signature from the musician, Cormac Begley.

Designed by Cillian Ó Mongáin

Cormac Begley — Musician
Sarah Flynn — Photography
Cillian Ó'Mongáin — Photography
Blendstudio — Video

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