Dundrum Dexter Charcuterie by Killenure Castle

The story of the Dexter cattle is a uniquely Irish story of innovation and survival from Killenure Castle in Dundrum, Tipperary.

This native Irish breed faced extinction but by acting bravely as custodians, for this Dexter herd, Eavaun Carmody and her farming team is ensuring the survival of one of the three native Irish breeds of cattle.

Dundrum Dexter produce a tender beef, regarded for its sweet, slightly nutty taste. The team have joined forces with Charcuterie specialists to create a range of premium beef charcuterie, including Salami and Chorizo - the first of its kind to the market.

The Dundrum Dexter identity and range of packaging we created, are designed to evoke sentiments of a strong heritage reflective of this native Irish breed and its link with the land. With a rich earthy palette complimented by copper foiling, We designed two packaging formats, allowing for stick and sliced product.

Designed by Gillian Reidy at Penhouse

Leonie Rafter — Designer
Gemma Corcoran — Design Team

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