Faction Barbershop

Faction Barbershop provides a premium offering and engages a diverse audience with contemporary haircuts and styling. As a new model for Dublin barbering, Faction offers a unique and inclusive environment, where the combination of collaborative creativity and barbering affords clients complete control over their experience.

The outlined design brief was to give Faction complete visual distinction within the national barbering marketplace while communicating their core values and methodologies. This was achieved by working with the founders to build the brand ethos of ‘Clean but Cut’, which reflects the barber’s surgical attention to detail and experimental approach to cutting hair.

The brand ethos informed the look-and-feel at all touchpoints, represented by truncated typographic form. The visual language was extended into the shop’s physical space by using the edges of material objects to cut the letterforms.

Designed by Eric Lynch at Eric Lynch Design

Extrabrite Signs — Decals / Signage
Rob Flynn — Interior Design
Aaron Kiely — Interior Design
Eric Lynch — Interior Design / Photography / Retouching
James Fagan — Additional Photography
Cape Kings — Embroidered Barber Capes / Apparel

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