Halton – Branding & Website (2017)


We developed a new brand for Halton Construction, as they sought to grow their business from smaller residential projects to more commercial and office work.

Removing ‘construction’ from the name distanced them from sole trader builders and more confidently announced their calibre and ability to work to scale. The robust nature of the stencil style wordmarque combined with the large structure-like super graphic
gives a direct sense of confidence to the brand. A bright and warm tone was generated through commissioned photography and also echoed in the selected colour palette, this feeds into the narrative that Halton are capable of any job, completed with expert service, overall giving the brand ‘A new perspective’.

Brand, website, printed material and livery ensured a professional look was maintained across the board.

Designed by Aidan Moore, Colin Farmer at Unthink

Johnny Savage — Photography

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