As part of an ongoing relationship with IADT we have developed a new design strategy and framework for all of their key communications. This is currently rolling out across many touchpoints and involves:
— User research and testing
— Content planning
— Identity platform for all key collateral
— Design and production of physical and digital communications
The main focus of the initial output is to provide a set of flexible brand tools that allow IADT to present a comprehensive and balanced view of its overall offer and to make best use of available and new media to deliver this.

Designed by Holly Brennan, Alan Harbron, Brian Nolan, James Delaney, Jura Afanasjevs, Naoise Ó Conchubhair, Eoin Cummins at Detail. Design Studio

Included in Archive Selection 2015

Leonie Henson — Project Manager
Johnny Savage — Photography

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