Interactive & Creative Learning Zone

We were challenged with the creation of a new and innovative concept zone for Eason, an exciting look to the future, that would unite the digital and real world and offer Eason customers a mindblowing environment to explore, learn and be inspired. Thus, Easonology was born. The new zone, named Easonology, is defined as the study of the questioning mind and stimulating the mind to do better, to do more, to find out, to achieve, to learn, to create, to solve and to win.

The graphics and environmental features have been designed in total harmony to create a unified experience and transport the customer into a space that promotes discovery and exploration of the area. Customers are led through three distinctive zones, Creatology, Challengizm and Discoverists, brought to life in a unique trio of environmental arches. Each category is enhanced by an icon system specially designed to suit the purpose of product discovery and the commercial objective of the store.

Every detail is specifically designed to stimulate the mind. Special features in the space include Ireland’s first interactive Graffiti wall, which is over 3 metres wide and, while you are unleashing your imagination, the kids are kept busy at purpose built interactive app station where they can get to know 'Blaze', the character unique to Eason which helps children become a master of sums. The LED flooring creates a tactile experience for the customer and beautifully captures the high gloss features and stimulating surfaces throughout the environment. Even everyday objects become a visual challenge with fully configurable cube tables, highlighted by light emitting perspex and carefully placed graphics. It allows and encourages the space to constantly evolve.

Designed by Dynamo - MD Jamie Helly at Dynamo

Included in Archive Selection 2013

Conor Wynne — Designer
Aisling Walsh — Designer
Stephen Opperman — Architect
David Field/Wilf Cooledge — Client

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