Kombucha Kat


Kombucha Kat is an independent brewer of kombucha based just outside London, UK. I was approached to create a consumer facing brand, for an already developed hospitality product, and then to design the packaging and direct the brand launch.

Their are three main elements to the identity; the randomised brand pattern, a quiet palette of greys and a simple mono-spaced wordmark. The palyful pattern is inspired by the kombucha cultures that live inside every bottle and which hold the power to good gut health. The pattern is used as a back drop to the "scientific" typeface and mute palette; a balance which references the health benefits of the drink.

For launch, I developed two art direction styles. The first being lifestyle lead campaign imagery to be used for advertising and the second was developed to support the white out pack shots. With a simple white background and warm graphic shadows, this was used for online retailers as brand headline imagery. Both try to highlight the refreshing nature of the drink.

Designed by Stephen Banville

Included in Archive Selection 2017

James Champion — Photographer

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