Lambay Irish Whiskey

We created the new brand by distilling everything we learnt about Lambay’s rich past and environment into a concept we called 'An Odyssey of Oddity'. A story celebrating the island’s many appealing eccentricities (think Lewis Carroll meets Jules Verne); inhabited with colonies of wallabies and seabirds, ringing with tales of infamous parties and happenings — delivered in a poetic tone of voice.

We created our brand iconography – a dinner-jacketed puffin (another bird which calls Lambay home), bespoke illustrations and brand colours inspired by the Irish Sea, sky and the island’s sunsets. A differentiated brand to compete within a highly-competitive whiskey market and to do justice to the vision of the whiskey's creators.

Designed by Dynamo - MD Jamie Helly at Dynamo

Sarah Barry
Derek McGrath
David Campbell
Emma Kate Horsfield
Paulina Biskup
Martin Hargreaves — Illustrator
Rob Clarke

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