Mobile Art School

Mobile Art School runs artist-led workshops and in-school artist residency programmes that connect artists, students and schools in a shared educational and creative context that is always evolving and dynamic. Mobile Art School provides a structure of communication and elucidation between artists and schools, and a lateral conduit between contemporary art networks and new audiences, which extends from participating students to their parents, families, and wider communities.

The project curators (Jennie Guy and Cleo Fagan) commissioned the studio to design the identity and print media for the Mobile Art School. The identity created focuses on the collaborative processes of the project. The Mobile Art School seeks to create a connection between contemporary artists and educators through the programmes it develops. The ability to create a diverse range of unique programmes gives the project its mobility. The programmes created are done so with a consistent approach and structure. To reflect this diversity and structure the studio developed a simple process for creating a logo using three elements. The core idea behind the identity is that the logo itself contains its own inherent mobility. This mobility is further reflected through the use of flexible typographic grid systems for the projects print media.

Designed by Rossi McAuley at Distinctive Repetition

Included in Archive Selection 2013

Hudson Killeen — Printer

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