PI is a new pizza restaurant based on George's St. in Dublin. The name and concept is based around the mathematical constant π and the idea of a slice of Pie. After some research into the π symbol we found it had been used by many pizza restaurants already. So we decided to focus on a more typographic treatment of the logo. The animated logo we created is based on the fact of PI being an 'irrational number' that can continue to infinity and this is represented by the continuous movement of the logo that runs on a loop.

We worked alongside Academy signs and created a bespoke animating neon sign that uses the same black mesh material as the interiors. The sign uses over 20 pieces of separate neon that are programmed to animate the continuous PI logo sequence. We also worked closely with LUCA architects who created a futuristic interior that blends with the branding concept and colour scheme. Dave from Bees and Bombs also created an PI animation that we have projected onto the interior wall.

Designed by Trevor Finnegan, Shane Bonfield at Revert Design

Included in Archive Selection 2018

Academy Signs — Signage manufacturing
Snow Design — Perspex Signage

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