Project Arts Centre (2013)

In late 2012, the opportunity presented itself for Project Arts Centre to strengthen and reinforce its visual identity. We created a new visual identity system to help the Centre in achieving its goals: extending its audience and taking ownership over its stewardship of the arts, both as a venue and as a launchpad for emerging artists.

A flexible system, centred around a framing device and using the existing logo alongside strategies for the use of images, type and language, was the ideal way to orchestrate the visual output from the centre: monthly flyers; seasonal brochures; posters; and the Centre’s stationery.

The identity resolves the sometimes complex relationship between Project and other organisations, allowing for partners to be acknowledged while reinforcing the Centre’s role as a venue, platform and catalyst.
 By establishing a set of rules that acted as useful guides, we created a manifestation of the Centre’s activity that is always responsive to audiences and content, while remaining true to the spirit of the Centre.

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