PVA 7 / Having a KiKi

For the seventh issue of Paper Visual Art the editors/publishers invited artist, Emma Haugh to curate/edit a companion volume titled Having a Kiki. The challenge was to produce two separate volumes that could be produced and presented as a single set but could also operate as discreet publications. Paper Visual Art is a peer-reviewed journal, as such it needed to be authoritative, critical and contemporary in tone.

Curated and edited by invited artist Emma Haugh, Having a Kiki is an 'artists' publication' that leans heavily upon the graphic language of fanzines and cut ’n’ paste visual culture. In order to achieve this 'anti-design' aesthetic we employed an expanded palette of typographic and visual styles. The focus was on formal and/or stylistic contrast in choosing the large number of typefaces used throughout Having a Kiki. Visual contrast is further emphasised by juxtaposing stylistically different page layouts beside each other or in close succession. In order to maximise the 'difference' between page layouts, the individual sections/chapters of the book were designed by different designers with minimal discussion/agreement around composition or typographic conventions (echoing Andy Warhol's advice that the best way to approach collaboration is to completely ignore the other person).

The common format, use of a fifth colour (fluorescent Green ink) and some crossover of typographic styles provided ‘just enough’ similarity between the two publications.

Designed by Oran Day, David Smith, Kasia Ozmin at Atelier David Smith

Included in Archive Selection 2016

Emma Haugh — Guest Editor
Adrian Duncan & Niamh Dunphy — Editors
BUD, Potsdam — Print & Production

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