Roadbridge are one of the leading civil engineering construction companies in the UK and Ireland with skillsets and technical expertise that extend way beyond what their name would suggest.

Our challenge was to design a new visual identity which helped communicate the full extent of the offering and worked across multiple platforms and locations. “So much more” became their new positioning line.

The new symbol comes from the indentation marks left by the tyres on their fleet of machinery and equipment which they own and hire out to other contractors, a big selling point for them.

A palette of dark navy and bright blue was used throughout with complementary colours of neutral greys with fluoro orange and yellow to work alongside the safety colours which are most visible on the large construction sites they work within.

Project included all print communications, signage and environmental graphics, hoarding and website.

Designed by Bridget Butler at CI Studio

Aengus Tukel — Web Designer, Environmental Graphics
James Delaney — Web Developer
Mel O'Rourke — Creative Director

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