The visual identity of SECRET sets an inconspicuous tone of voice through the cryptic disembodied typeset and the use of concealable and obscured elements — the silver ‘scratch and reveal’ effect drawn from the catalogues opaque ink application or the immersive building vinyl which covers half of the exhibition. SECRET is introduced with a historical device for carrying secrets — the 1940’s rotary phone. People can experience the exhibition — discovering its origin, history and contemporary value under the lens of secret societal convention, exploring each artifact and interacting with the space, leaving with the enciphered knowledge of secrecy and the inner-workings of the identity created for this exhibition.

Designed by Ruza Leko, Sinéad Foley at Science Gallery Dublin

Jessica Hiliard — Editor
Lucy Whitaker — Editor
Róisín McGann — Editor
Print Media Services — Printer

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