Wild Hare Coffee

Amongst the common animals found near Dublin airport’s runways, wild hares inspired the new brand identity for Carlton Hotel’s own-brand coffee. Further building on the aviation theme we established for their bar and restaurant, our aim was to craft a design language that built on the perception of an independent barista yet with a more grounded and accessible tone.

Mirroring the high energy synonymous with hares, we created a playful suite of assets, the core of which is the jumping hare motif and tagline ‘coffee with a bounce’, lending a genuine sense of humour to the brand. Combined with an earthen green colour palette, it also pervades a sense of high quality craft.

Working in collaboration with architects Gaffney Associates, we created a charismatic destination for coffee, engaging a wider audience from the hotel clientele through to more discerning customers making it their coffee pitstop of choice.

Designed by Brendan Boyle, Alice Greene, Ciaran Moran at TAP Creations

Gaffney Associates — Interior Architects

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