100 Archive 2016 Industry Survey

Map Irish Design

26th April 2020
by 100 Archive Team

Cover animation: 100 Archive 2016 Industry Survey

Back in late 2016 we asked you to participate in an industry survey, with a view to examining the current landscape of the Irish graphic design industry, conducted in collaboration with Quiddity. In addition to profiling the background and experience of Irish designers working in Ireland and overseas, the survey also examined skills needs amongst designers and their attitudes to the industry and profession overall.

We realise publication of this report is well overdue, and are taking the opportunity Map Irish Design provides us to finally share the findings. In the report which you can download here, we look at the overall results from the survey, but also how attitudes and needs differ according to three designer categories: employed designers; freelance designers (including a combination of employed and freelance); and designers who are also studio owners or partners in a studio. You'll also find that our collaborators at LSAD got some use out of the survey too, most notably Claire Dillon who 'unpacked' the design industry through her data visualisation, below.

Data visualisation by Claire Dillon, LSAD

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