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13th March 2018
by Scott Burnett

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This month aad are [slow] out of the blocks to share some of the things they’re excited to Do, See, Hear and generally waste time on this month. 


ddr. Paddy's Day Bonanza
17 Mar
Avoid the crowds and take in the sea at the same time. This is the connoisseurs Paddy’s day event.

The best St Patrick's day parade in Ireland
17 Mar
Really avoid the crowds and head to Tyrrellspass to discover the true spirit of the parade. [We think Rory might be an agent for tyrrel’s pass tourism…]

100 Archive launch
22 March 
You’re all going, right? See you there.

18-25 March
Ireland’s premier creativity festival followed by pints in the ferryman of course.

Red Bull Free Gaff 
30 Mar – 1 Apr
Who doesn’t love a free gaff? And red bull have been a brilliant supporter of new music talent for years!

Ghostnotes: Music of the Unplayed
25 Mar - OffSite/RHA
A celebratory homecoming for legendary [Irish] hip hop photographer B+ 

Grayson Perry
Beautiful exhibition by a beautiful person. Much love for Grayson over here.

Collection Coast-lines
A 12 month programme of changing displays of artworks and archival material that will explore our sense of place, perception, representation and memory

Niall McCormack U:mack Posters
The Bernard Shaw
24 posters from the past 24 years, documenting the legendary U:Mack gigs through Niall’s design work.

Open Mike Eagle and Milo 
21 Mar - Sugar Club
A hip hop artist that’s always surprising.

DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown (Erykah Badu)
23 Mar - Sugar Club
Erykah Badu. In Dublin. At the Sugar Club. Why are you still reading this?

Young Fathers
28 Mar - The Academy
Had to get something Scottish in here, thankfully the awesome Young Fathers are playing this month and not the Proclaimers. 


Silicon Valley Season 5 
We like to think of this as an augmented documentary or humorous reconstruction of real life in America’s tech capital.

Flint Town
A documentary series that picks up where The Wire left off but shot like a scandi-noir.

Ugly Delicious 
All the flavour. None of the BS. David Chang hunts for the most mouthwatering, satisfying food with none of the fuss.

Derry Girls
You’ve all seen this right? If not then WTF!? Brilliant from start to finish, possibly the most affecting final scene of any show i’ve ever seen, and for a comedy series, totally mind-blowing.

Team of kick ass women go deliverance meets monsters in creepy thriller directed by Alex Garland.

Daniel O’Sullivan – Veld
Perfect soundtrack for the early morning ease in.

Rythm Section on NTS 
Perfect Soundtrack for a post lunch lift.

Nils Frahm, All Melody
Perfect soundtrack for the early evening meltdown.

Against All Logic, 2012 - 2017
Perfect soundtrack for late night innovation.

Black Panther The Album, Music from and Inspired by
Just the perfect soundtrack. [And track 2, holy moly.]

100 Archive launch night playlist
Perfect soundtrack to the launch of a design archive [hopefully!]


Reply All 
Scary episode about Facebook listening to users to sell ads to them

More or Less 
Enlightening look at statistics, the role they play in our lives and how accurate they are.

Thinking Allowed
New research on how society works. Enough said.

Trying to keep up with the ever unfolding madness of the world without losing it’s head


Important round these parts that the parents enjoy the bedtime story as much as the kids…

Oliver Jeffers / Here we are 
Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen
Mr Tweeds Good Deeds
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls


This is the name of our slack channel where we share random stuff with each other. It’s nothing if not a melting pot, so here’s a months worth of stuff to chew on, bon appetit! 

– OK, everybody put down what you’re doing, no point doing any more work until we’ve all read this

Location based chart music

– iA have been blogging a lot in an attempt to boost sales of writer. Interesting that they're being so transparent about it, but also the writing is good and interesting. 

– Good listen about what makes a CEO. 

– Really interesting spring school in NYC.

– Sounds like blockchain might be the new 'social contract'.

– I love Richard Turley. This is hilariously spot on. 

– Interesting (slightly technical) overview of where content development is heading and how best to future proof it.

– Nice podcast on McLuhan 

– Nice insight to the new wetransfer content site. Lots of nice details and thinking. 

– New site from BONG for Isabel and Helen 3d designers

– The more I'm reading the more I'm blown away by Elon Musk and his ideas.

New Nike content. Smart, smart, smart as always. 

– This article is worth a read of you've ever been bewildered by the pace of change in the tools we use to build digital products. Good argument for openness, legibility and a space for experience and nuance. 

Designing gov.uk - worth a lunchtime watch 

– This is amazing, and incredibly boring and intense at the same time. About remaking regulation for the connected world. Seems more and more needed every day. This is full of great insights and ideas [but will make your brain bleed... don't say I didn't warm you]

– Mad, call a website for commentary. Post-bot world? 

– Good read about the role of ethics in design and the cost of not having any.

– This is an ad for Murphys Stout from the lates 90's. Apparently it was directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo who directed Mobile Suit Gundam and worked on Akira. WTF? 

– Really handy tool for naming, or even just writing, much broader than a regular thesaurus


VR app by Zach Lieberman, looks like a lot of fun. 

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