Modern Practice

5th August 2015
by Scott Burnett

One of the key reasons for starting 100Archive is to help map the ever diversifying practice of graphic design. 20 years ago graphic designers seem to have been cut from a fairly similar cloth, the reality today is very different. While clients still view us as interchangeable professionals [which I think we do too quite often] this isn't the case. Design is universal, but the way we practice it as professionals isn't. We have different motivations, contexts, values, ambitions and areas of focus. Different scales, objectives, budgets, timelines and personal tastes.

As this is the year of Irish design we wanted to undertake a survey of sorts. To get a better sense of the ways we work, the roles we play and the impact we make. We've asked a wide range of designers/studios to answer a set of questions that will hopefully shine some light on the commonalities and contradictions of being a graphic designer at the start of the 21st century.

We'll be posting them as a series of articles over the next few months, culminating in design week with an event we'll be revealing more about soon.

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