Noelle Cooper (Unthink)

Thinking Outside The Lunch Box

25th February 2013
by Scott Burnett

Cover image: Noelle Cooper (Unthink)

Some of the posts we’re doing for the the OFFSET blog this week will make you think; this one will make you think about lunch. 

We asked some of our favourite designers to describe their perfect sandwich and accompany it with a photograph, graphic, illustration or whatever. Coming up this week we’ve sandwiches from the North side, the South side, London, Copenhagen and New York City for your delectation.

This one is from Noelle Cooper of Unthink, and it’s just in time for Monday lunch!

The Banadoori Toastie was born out of a lack of viable alternatives whilst travelling. It became my my go-to survival sambo. It’s warm crunchie exterior and soft buttery sweet interior, makes this my favourite lunch/dinner/breakfast snack.

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