OFFSET vs 100 — A Week in Design

25th February 2013
by Scott Burnett

The 100 Archive is a new project that records and captures the rich diversity of current Irish graphic design practice. It presents Irish designers with the opportunity to showcase their work in a non-competitive environment. 

The kind folks at OFFSET asked if we’d be their partner for the blog’s Design Week (like Shark Week, only slightly less exciting). Since we’ll be launching the 100 project at OFFSET 2013 we thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to share some of the ideas that are important to both OFFSET and 100, as well as have a bit of fun. So what’s lined up for you this week? We’ll cover inspiration, emigration – Irish designers who are far away and international ones who are on your doorstep, storytelling and sandwiches.

Some are just pure fun and others more thoughtful, which is a lot like OFFSET itself and is the spirit of design that the 100 project is setting out to capture. We’re kicking off with a ‘state of the nation’ piece, which looks at where we are with design in this country, and why it’s important that we capture it, discuss it and build on it.

Feel free to tweet us about speakers, tickets, questions, inspiration, sandwhiches or even design this week — @weloveoffset / @100archive

Bon Appetit!

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