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12th September 2018
by Noelle Cooper

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Back to school time always seems to herald a HEAP of things to see and do. As such, the good folks at Unthink have rounded up a veritable tonne of recommendations for you to get through this month. Let's get going...


Elusion: Escapism Through A/V, District Magazine
15 September, The Sewing Factory, 11 Camden Street Lr.
The Fringe Festival is upon us, this is on our list…

Anonymous Drawings – Denis Kelly
14 July – 19 September, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin  
Denis Kelly is an Irish graphic designer turned painter, with a penchant for hand painted geometric compositions. 

Lucienne Day: Living Design
20 July – 15 September, Coach House Gallery, Dublin Castle Gardens
Patterns, patterns, patterns :)

Josef & Annie Albers: Voyage Inside a Blind Experience
24 July – 4 November, The Glucksman, University Cork
Bauhaus power couple come to Cork.

Hangtough Gallery Launch
9–20 September, Hangtough Gallery, 25 Lennox St. Dublin 8
Hangtough's new tardis-like home is tucked away on Lennox Street in Portobello, where a who’s who of new Irish painters is on show!

Sibyl Montague—Saplings
6–15 September, Pallas Studios, The Coombe, Dublin 8
A site-specific installation of new sculptural works 

Rashid Johnson – No More Water
15 April – 14 October, Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford
A chance to see the beauty of Lismore Castle grounds while observing the wonderful outdoor sculptural work of R Johnson.


SILVA – Lay of The Land Project
21–23 September, Knockomagh Woods, Skibereen West Cork
Inspiration from outside of the studio, why not?

Question Project MIL M2
8 – 23 September, The Streets of Dublin
Bringing questions and critique into public spaces

Galz Gone Wild: Waterfall Hike
22 September, Glencree Forest
Girls just wanna have outdoor fun :) MNÁ

Liffey Cycle
Dublin Cycling Campaign’s Monthly protest Cycle, in support of the long over due Liffey Cycle Route
The 2nd Sunday of every month, next one is 14 October, meeting point at Grand Canal Square
On your bike!

Waterford Walls
Ongoing, Waterford City
Tonnes of amazing new work, Up the Deise!

Lafcadio Japanese Gardens
Pond Road, Tramore, Co. Waterford
Sunny south east meets ancient oriental east! Glorious stoney trails to meditate along, overlooking the Atlantic ocean
(and the amusements!)

Weaver Park
Everyday, Cork St, Dublin 8
After 8 years of campaigning, we got a skatepark on our road! It's just had a new lick of paint thanks to local legend James Earley


IDI Mind Over Matter
10 October, Nationwide
Designers of all disciplines donate their time in aid of aware, its too late to sign up
but theres plenty of time to book a consultation.

The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary Screening & Party
22 September, Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield
Caucasians at the ready!

AtypI 2018 Antwerp
11–15 September, Antwerp, Belguim
Catch Clare Bell & Ann Bolger representing Ireland on the typographic world stage.

Culture Night
21 September, Nationwide
Enjoy the buzz. Be cultured! But if you prefer to avoid the crowds, remember culture can be experienced all year round!

Remarkable Resurrection: Can Plants Prepare Us for Space Travel?
13 September, 18.30, Life at the Edges Exhibition, Science Gallery Dublin
Jennifer McElwain, Head of the Botany Department at Trinity College Dublin, reveals all.

Be Kreativ Live – 5 Speakers from Dublin, London, Manchester & Belfast
20 September, Sugar Club, Dublin 4
Anything Richard Seabrooke has a part in, is guaranteed to be whopper!


Parmesan fries & Pacman, droooool! 

Fish Shop
Honestly the best fish n chips in Dublin, Ireland I’d say! So fresh there's no menu, whatever is landed becomes the menu!

Fegans Cash & Carry
Newly opened cafe, jaw breakingly posh ham sanger! 

Assassination Custard
Don’t be afraid.

McNally Farm
Temple Bar Market, Every Saturday 
Best homemade granola that doesn’t rot your teeth!

Luncheonette, NCAD Canteen
Cheap as chips but there's never chips on the menu, everything but and always so damn tasty!

Press Cafe
The National Print Museum, Beggar's Bush, Haddington Rd, Dublin 4
Holy Moly if you haven’t been to this glorious hidden gem, go and order the Banana Bread French Toast,
Words can’t describe! And their logo is our favourite! We didn’t do it btw.


Jack Nealons, Capel Street, Dublin 1
Dublin’s best semi-legal knacker drinking corner! Expect to rub shoulders with the dublin-design glitterati!


DarkTrax & Mutate present Silent Servant 
13 September, Upstairs Tengu Great Strand St
 Our mates bring over the techno legend who was also responsible for designing Downwards, Sandwell District and Jealous God artwork.

WhereGoodfriendsMeet #10 w/ Olan, DC, Blaze Moore & Secretz DJ 
15 September, The Bernard Shaw, 11-12 South Richmond Street Dublin, Ireland
All City, First Second, and our very own Aidan, (his wages get lodged straight into All City, so expect an all day vinyl extravaganza)

Lepton presents: Eavan, Eliza & Rich Murphy 
14 September, The Bernard Shaw, 11-12 South Richmond Street Dublin, Ireland
Home-grown talent, brought to you by one of the city's newest collectives 

Fuinneamh Festival 2018
14–16 September, Bellurgan Park Dundalk, Ireland
Colin had the pleasure of playing at this two years ago, really nicely put together weekender.

Backstory: Donal Dineen's Parish
22 September Jigsaw, Dublin 1
If you like dancing with your mates without a care, to an eclectic mix selected by the godfather, do it.

18 September, Abbey Theatre, Dublin 1
Absolute mentlers, in the best possible way!

Le Boom Live
9 November (can get your ticket now) District 8, Dublin 8
You won’t be able to hold back from jumping around, go with it!

Tiny Dancer: A DJ Set For Kids, Donal Dineen
23 September, The Complex, 15 Little Green St, Smithfield, Dublin 7
Let your kids throw some shapes!

Lepton presents: Sync 24 & DeFekt
28 September, Wigwam, Middle Abbey St
Expect quality Electro from the Cultivated Electronics bossman, not to mention local legends DeFekt and Endrift


Design Your Life – Frost Collective
Helping designers apply design principles to our personal lives!

YES – On Falling in Love
There's someone for everyone, even creatives!

Athletico Mince
The insane ramblings of Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson, loosely based on Football, but mostly veers well beyond.

Mutate Radio
Fortnightly Thursdays 10pm on Dublin Digital Radio
Colin and his mate's Techno show.



Design Your Life – Frost Collective
Not another ‘self help’ book, we promise! Vince Frost promises to inspire you to work better at living better.
He doesn’t solve the problems for us, but proves the impossible possible.

Deliver the Unexpected – Eike Konig

Other Minds – The Octopus, The Sea and the Deep Origins of Consciousness
Deep thinking from Diver & Philosopher Godrey-Smith as he searches for commonalties and origins of sentience, with the smartest creatures on earth. 

Life & Stress at the Iced Edge
The next time you scramble for the checkout queue in Lidl, ground yourself and remember your probably alright…

The Wild Network – Rewilding Childhood
Stop buying iPads, take your children outdoors!


Sister India
This will warm your heart.

Irelands Deep Atlantic
You won’t believe all these creatures are on our doorstep, well, the continental shelf that sits off the West Coast to be precise.

Gaza Surf Club
Freedom is in the waves for the Gaza surfing community.

A Million Waves
Surfing, Loss & Solace

Nasa Live: Launce of Global Ice-Measuring Satellite
13 September, 8.46am, Nasa Live Channel
Catch a rocket launch while you sip your coffee and think about your Friday ahead!

United Nations International Day of Democracy
15 September

Netflix and Vox team up for some insightful and short documentaries.

Making the Grade
A simple story about real people, that might inspire you to pick up the piano (again)!

BlacKkKlansman & Black 47
Completely unrelated movies both well worth a trip to your local cinema.

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