100 Archive was initiated in 2012 by four studios — Aad, Atelier David Smith, Detail. Design Studio and WorkGroup — and founded through the support of over 120 designers and studios. Since then the initiative has remained both led and supported by the design community.

Professional Panel

The professional panel conducts the first stage of assessment for each year’s Archive Selection. Projects that gain a majority from the panel are published on the Projects page and all are eligible to enter that year's Archive.

Archive Panel

Each year the Archive Panel chooses 100 significant projects from our pool of submissions, which becomes that year’s Archive Selection.

Steering Committee

Together with the support and insight of many colleagues, the 100 Archive is run by:

Articles Team

The website’s recent articles are commissioned, written and edited by:

Funders and Partners

Along with being funded by members of the design community, the 100 Archive relies on grants and sponsorship to deliver our programme. We would like to thank the following for their generous support:


Additional design and development and previous website iterations: Workgroup, Pixel Design, Tidy & Detail. Design Studio

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