100 x The Future

1st November 2017
by Aideen McCole

Cover image: 100 x The Future

The Future is nearly here... Here at the 100 Archive we're looking forward to finding out what a new event for Dublin could hold, but not content with merely turning up and taking it in, we've planned TWO great panel discussions to explore different aspects of the past, present and future of design and creative practice. They're both happening on the Village Stage on Saturday, and we hope to see you there!

Future / Archive Saturday 12.15-1pm What is the future of our past? As the outputs of creative work are increasingly ephemeral, can we document them for ourselves and future generations? Or does it matter? David Wall of the 100 Archive will host a conversation between Tony Brook (Spin), Astrid Stavro (Atlas) and Joanna Finegan (Digital Collections, National Library of Ireland).

Brand beyond the logo Saturday 3.15-4pm Is there still a place for the classic 'clever' logo, or can you build a brand without one? How has designing an identity system changed over the last 10 years, and what can we expect in the future? Presented by the 100 Archive and chaired by Kathryn Wilson of Slater Design, hear perspectives from Thierry Brunfaut from Base, James Hurst from DesignStudio, Astrid Feldner from Bleed and David Heasty from Triboro.

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