OFFSET 2019 picks

5th April 2019
by Aislinn Purcell

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OFFSET the highly anticipated festival returns today for its eighth edition from April 5th - 7th taking a new home at The Point Square. A wide variety of events are running with guest practitioners ranging from the fields of Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Illustration, Fashion, Film, Industrial Design and Art. For those attending we thought we would shine a light on some interesting events on the 2019 programme. 

FRIDAY  What We Talk About, When We Talk About Irish Design? (11:00 Yellow Stage ) Creative Ireland asks how relevant is a country of origin in a globalised world with panellists Andrew Bradley (DCCoI), Linda King, Design Historian / Consultant (IADT), Anike Tyrrell (J Hills Standard), David Smith, Atelier (IADT). Moderator Kirk McCormack (IDI).

Ariane Spanier (11:00 Main Stage) Ariane Spanier is an innovative Berlin-based art director & graphic designer. She is well known for her contemporary approach to typography and her manipulation of type and texture by hand.

Veronica Ditting ( 13:00 Archive Stage) A creative director who works at the intersection of editorial design and branding. Collaborating with a wide variety of artists, companies and photographers, Ditting has created many of the award-winning fashion magazines, art books, campaigns and graphic identities that define the modern era of photography and graphic design. 

SATURDAY Edel Rodriguez (13:00 Main Stage) Illustrator Edel Rodriguez is currently one of the top artists in his field visual artist being dubbed “America’s Illustrator-in-chief by Fast Company. 

Embracing Activism through Illustration (16:00 Yellow Stage) The AOI presents a discussion on how illustration is challenging the zeitgeist and empowering activism the world over with Edel Rodriguez, Joe Caslin & Olivia Ahmad (Varoom Magazine). Moderated by Lou Bones.

AOI Doodle Jam a (19:30 HQ Bar) A fun evening combining music doodling and cocktails. Resident Doodle Jam DJ Robert Mirolo will be providing  some jazzy new wave sounds whist you draw, dance and chat with illustrators. 

SUNDAY OFFSET 10+10 (12:00 Yellow Stage) Creative Ireland ask how ambitious can we be for Design in Ireland with panelists John Newham (DBEI), Rossi McAuley (ICAD), Aliette Dörflinger (European expert on Creative SMEs) & Bob Gray (Red & Grey Design). Moderator Tania Banotti (Creative Ireland).

Lance Wyman (13:00 Main Stage) An iconic graphic designer credited with his role in developing the field of environmental graphics and specialising in creating way-finding systems for cities, events, institutions and transport. His instantly recognisable work for the 1968 Olympics set a high standard for the Olympics games that permeates today.

Why Design 50:50 (13:00 Yellow Stage)  This event will be addressing the 25:75 gender imbalance in the Irish creative sector with Kelly Mackenzie, MC (White Bear), Aiden McGale (Design Talent), Fiona Murphy (Frontend) & Donal O’Mahony (Verizon Connect)  

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