September Training from Design Skillnet

2nd September 2021
by 100 Archive Team,
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Our friends at Design Skillnet have a few great courses coming up in September, and they will extend their members' prices to 100 Archive users, hooray! Read on for details...

Professional Diploma in UX Design

Contact directly to enrol by 5 September, classes start 7 September

UX design is a unique mix of psychology, technology, and design. UX skills are in demand; without them, the world can become a complicated, frustrating and alienating place.

The Professional Diploma in UX Design has been developed for designers and creatives to further their skills and build successful careers. You will:

    Learn to think like a UX designer, and adopt the mindset that makes them so valuableGain the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding of the domainHave job-ready skills and a portfolio of work to prove itAchieve a university accredited diploma qualification

The programme, led by The UX Design Institute, is suitable for designers, creatives, software developers, product designers, project managers, digital marketers, account managers, and content managers. For more information on what will be covered, what to expect and members' fees for the programme, visit

Data Visualisation with Valentina D’Efilippo

7 & 8 September, 8.30am–12.30pm

Dataviz and infographic storytelling are fast-evolving graphic languages that are transforming design, data journalism and presentations. This online workshop provides an introduction to data visualisation’s potential as a storytelling medium as well as the principles behind the construction of effective and compelling visual displays of information.

The content is delivered through a mix of teaching, discussion, and exercises across two half-day workshops on consecutive days. Attendees will work independently and in groups to address briefs with original visual solutions. Designers, developers and those working with designers and developers who seeking a deeper understanding of data-driven visual solutions should attend. No formal design experience is required to attend this session, however, this workshop is directed at a professional design audience, therefore working with design professionals is an advantage.

Valentina D’Efilippo is an award-winning designer, author, trainer and speaker. Her passion for visual communication and digital media has taken form in data visualisation, art direction and interaction design. She has worked with a number of leading agencies contributing to award-winning campaigns for global brands and in 2013 she published The Infographic History of the World – a collection of more than 100 uniquely designed infographics. Since 2014, Valentina has been teaching Masterclasses for the Guardian and the V&A. She has trained teams globally for clients such as Google, Pfizer, UBS, OPEC, United Nations ILO, and the NHS.

For more details on course topics, timetable and what materials and equipment you need, as well as to book your members' place on the course, head to Eventbrite.

Intelligent Creativity: Owning & Monetising Assets & IP

14 September, 8.30–9.30am

This webinar will clearly illustrate the ways that company owners and managers can identify hidden value in their business, grow and improve their profitability by inventively harnessing their creative assets and the intellectual property they create on a daily basis. It is delivered by renowned expert, author and business consultant, Erica Wolfe-Murray.

The session will explore what creative assets are, how they go unrecognised (yet can prove to be game-changing) and the importance of IP and how it can underpin growth. Participants will leave with an ability to identify your business’s intellectual assets and property and the three top actions you can apply immediately to your business to generate a greater return from your intellectual/creative assets.

With a career spanning advertising, graphic and product design, licensing and tv production working on blue chip clients, Erica Wolfe-Murray has experience as both a creative head and FD. In 2012 she founded innovation studio, Lola Media, which focuses on unearthing businesses’ assets and IP, developing new products/services to generate additional revenues from existing and new audiences. A Design Business Association expert, Erica was voted in the top 50 of Enterprise Nation’s business advisors and is author of the 5* rated book Simple Tips, Smart Ideas, a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2020.

For more information on the course and to book your place at the members' rate, hit up Eventbrite.

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