100 Archive Industry Survey

1st December 2016
by 100 Archive Team

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Who, Why, How much...

For some time now it has become clear that the borders are blurring. Visual communications had a relatively clear set or parameters and it was easy to define. 

Design is now seen as an asset that adds value in all areas of our lives and visual communications is at its core. This changing landscape has seen our industry evolve key skills to deliver creative and flexible solutions in many new areas. The digital world has opened new doors and our working lives have changed as a result.  

So it feels timely to ask some questions. Questions that will help us tailor our content, start conversations and potentially provide some answers. 

We have prepared an industry survey which will allow us to do this. Obviously it isn’t much use without your help, and we need lots of you to help. It would be really great if you could take the 10–15 minutes required. Your answers are confidential. Responses to this survey will be compiled together and reported only in the aggregate. Individual responses will not be identified. We will be collecting your responses throughout December – the survey will close on the 31st.

In the new year we will present the results and use its direction to develop 100 Archive content and activity for 2017.

So please click the link below and tell us what you think. 

Thank you.

100 Archive Industry Survey

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