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25th January 2018
by 100 Archive Team

Cover image: 100 × NLI

We are delighted to announce that in 2018 we begin a partnership with the National Library of Ireland to begin to digitally preserve websites selected by the 100 Archive through the NLI's Web Archive. While the 100 Archive uses a totally unique method of selecting Irish graphic design work and presenting a rich record of our community online, it is with the help of the NLI that we can take the first steps towards the proper preservation of digital-born design work. In 2018 the NLI will create a thorough record of ten websites selected for the 100 Archive between 2010 and 2014, chosen for preservation because they are still as they were when they were selected for the 100 Archive, but may not remain so for much longer. They are: Architecture Tours Ireland, 2010 Fire Station Artists' Studios, 2010 Article, 2010 Antidote, 2011 Matthew Hilton, 2011 Inis Meáin Knitting Co., 2012 Help My Kid Learn, 2012 Delfina Foundation, 2012 AGI Open, 2013 Fabulous Beast, 2014 In addition to these ten websites, all websites selected for the 100 Archive to date will be included in the NLI's domain crawl of the Irish web space, already crawling, archiving and preserving over 3 million URLs on the Irish web. These will be available to view in the NLI's Reading Room later this year. Both the selective crawl and the wider domain crawl are the start of a great new relationship with one of our national institutions, as well as important steps towards the recording and preservation of design in Ireland for future generations.


Image of the NLI Reading Room, source here.

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