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25th May 2018
by 100 Archive Team

Well here we are, the day we've been waiting for (for more reasons than one...): it's now Friday 25 May, aka the deadline for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. Here at the 100 Archive we have made a few tweaks and have a few more planned for the coming months to ensure that it's clear what we do with your data and it's kept as securely as we can manage. Here's the score:

When you sign up and create a user profile on 100archive.com, you provide us with a minimum of your name and email address, but can also let us know where you're working right now, where you've worked in the past and a URL and/or Twitter account. We ask you to supply this to help us map the design industry in Ireland and the people and places shaping it. It also provides the framework within which you can submit your work for consideration and have that work presented along that of your peers. We encourage you to share and submit as much of this as possible in order to make the 100 Archive as rich a resource for our community and beyond as possible, clearly demonstrating the extent of great design work being made in Ireland and by Irish designers worldwide and properly crediting all those involved in its creation.

We process this data ONLY for the purpose of creating a publicly-accessibly Irish design resource, and for nothing else. We endeavour to keep this data secure, to keep it updated, and to remove it if ever requested. For more on this, read our shiny new Data Protection Policy. In return, we ask that you only submit work for consideration when any and all credited designers, collaborators and clients/commissioners have consented. This contains their data too, remember...

Lastly, you might recall that when creating a profile on the site, you are asked if you wish to opt-in to email correspondence. We will only ever contact those who have consented in this way, and we encourage all 100 Archive users to agree to email correspondence, as this is the only way we can directly contact you with information on submissions, events, success in the selection process and so on. If you're not a user of the site but want to stay in the loop on our activity, we recommend joining our newsletter mailing list for the occasional update.

Any issues or concerns? Just drop us a line.


Image: Attention Economy by Lara Hanlon

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