Calling all writers (and people with ideas)

15th April 2024
by 100 Archive Team,
edited by Lara Hanlon

Cover image: Calling all writers (and people with ideas)

Our mission at the 100 Archive is to present, discuss and contextualise contemporary Irish design, and a key way for us to do this is to use as a platform for critique, exploration, and discussion in the form of our articles.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve published articles on the topics of sustainability, written communications, and finding purpose in our work. We’ve interviewed designers who are pushing our industry to new heights, and we’ve heard from up and coming talent—the new generation. 

A huge thank you to the editorial contributors who lead this work: Kevin Horan, Conor Foran, Michelle O’Connor, Clare Lynch, and Brian Byrne. This group dedicated their time and expertise to support the mission of 100 Archive and gave our community lots of food for thought.

As we bid farewell to some of our past contributors, we now invite new blood and new perspectives to the articles platform! 

We are looking for people to write about graphic design, Irish design, emerging trends, industry challenges, societal shifts, and other topics that our community might or do indeed care about. We want people to share their ideas and to help others to do the same. 

Some topics that we’re particularly interested in exploring include: 

  • Design and Education
  • Design in/for Public Service
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity 
  • Artificial Intelligence or Generative AI

Although the 100 Archive primarily focuses on Visual Communications, we see the articles platform as a space where we can investigate design more broadly or deeply. 

We're always interested in hearing from our regular or previous voices but we would also encourage contributions from those less familiar with 100 Archive.

So, what does it involve?

  • Joining the current editorial team involves helping the team with idea generation, leads, editing/proofing, scheduling, and sharing on our social media. Ideally, we would ask that you commit to contributing to the team for at least one year, with the option to keep going if you’re enjoying it. 
  • If an ongoing commitment is not possible for you but you’re interested in writing about a specific activity (or one of the topics outlined above) then we would also love to hear from you. Perhaps you have a blog that needs a publishing home, or you’d like to engage with members of the design community. We’re always open to once-off contributions.

How to get involved

If writing for 100 Archive is something you’d like to do, please drop us a line at with a quick intro to yourself, your background, and what you’d like to contribute.

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