The Archive Criteria

5th March 2014
by David Smith

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At the end of each year an independent critical review of all projects in the 100 Future will determine up to a maximum of 100 projects to be included in the 100 Past. 100 Past will grow year by year into an accessible and historical archive, the aim of which is to celebrate, document and contextualise the best of Irish communication design and designers.

In order to achieve this, it was clear that we needed a clear criteria for choosing the panel, and for how they should set about making their choices.

What is the make-up of the final panel that will select the 100 Past Archive projects? The Archive Panel that will make the final annual selection of projects for inclusion in the Archive comprises an existing member from the Selection Panel for the 100 Future (current online selection of projects). And in addition a minimum of four respected professionals active and associated with the practice of Visual Communications and Graphic Design. In identifying these selectors we are seeking individuals who meet the following broad criteria:

• active and respected in the industry • an awareness an appreciation of the landscape of Irish Communication design • a prior record of achievement • acknowledged and respected for the calibre of their work • ability to be objective and constructive in respect of their selection and any ensuing debate and discussion about the final selection • those that have had a significant role to play in the industry through advocacy, commissioning or patronage • have associations or prior experience with national or international advocacy or professional representative bodies.

What are the selection criteria? The selection seeks to reflect not only work of quality and distinction but work that is reflective of our society, culture and circumstances. Eligible projects may be distinguished by their ideas and beauty; their relevance and context; their invention or craft; simplicity or complexity; ambition or confidence; they may be selected because they chart current trends and tendencies; or they make simply mark a “moment in time” a high point or a low point; or a shift in practice and thinking.

There is no hierarchy within the final selection. The projects included – regardless of criteria cited – are deemed to be of equal importance and relevance to story of Irish Graphic and Communications Design during that period.

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