2018 Fjord Trends Campaign


Designed by John Moriarty at Fjord

Programme lead: Joanne Bannon

Interaction & motion design: Robert Clarke

Visual design: Conor McLaughlin

Visual design: Simonluca Definis

Web development: Paul Sweeney

Print design: Stuart Bradfield

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

Website: trends18.fjordnet.com/

The Fjord trends is an annual publication that looks at what's ahead for the future of business, technology and design. We were tasked with creating the campaign that included the design and production of various web and print outputs.

In tandem with this campaign, Fjord had just completed an identity refresh - for which it was decided that this would serve as the first public touch-point.

Early on, we identified a clear sense of tension as a meta-theme in the early content. This was reflected in the sense of anxiety with how people are feeling about surveillance, transparency and ethics in digital products and services today. Embodying this became the foundation for the identity.

With an ambitious time-frame (7 weeks) and production list that spanned multiple print and digital channels, we explored how we might create an identity that would have enough flexibility and range to cover the various static, dynamic and social outputs.


1. Identity - a unified look and feel for all print and digital content.

2. Website - dynamic, engaging, media-rich.

3. Social media - rich and engaging.

4. Presentations - For use at client events & conferences.

5. Book - Printed report for events and client engagements.

Completed by Fjord Dublin who are part of the team at The Dock, Accenture's innovation centre.