21 Spaces

2013 Selection

Designed by Kathryn Wilson at Slater Design

Web Development: Will Rice

Categories: Website

Industry: Corporate

Website: 21spaces.com

We have collaborated with 21 Spaces on a number of recent projects so relished the opportunity to design a new website and a number of pieces of collateral for their studio. Having experienced their method of working we knew that they brought a very considered approach to each project. We also felt that their process, which included early atmospheric sketches, was not something that could be conveyed through a website with large glossy finished images of work - as has become common practice on many architectural practice websites. Therefore we wanted to create a website which would showcase both the process and a portfolio of projects.

We designed the website around a Journal homepage which allows the practice to keep the site fresh with new work coming soon through single image updates of a new project to feature sketches or a signature piece of furniture. We paired this with thoughtful quotes related to architecture to give a sense of their approach. The simple grid layout lends itself well to the responsive site which works well across all devices.